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"Remgazservis's approach was unique as they became a part of the team, rather than as a supplier. They were willing to listen to our existing approach and worked side by side with us to develop new joint best practices. More importantly they helped us implement these best practices which are now part of the fabric of the organization.".


Innovation and linking the value of the innovation to the customer before competitors are keys to a business’s success. Leading companies know that developing products and services that better meet customer needs and being faster and more agile than the competition are universal imperatives. delivering new products and services to market, increasing speed and efficiency and building the foundation for innovation.


We know how to balance the trade-offs between transportation modes, service providers, freight consolidation and geographical service locations to deliver the required level of service at the lowest cost. Argo helps its clients optimize the logistics network so that it operates as a seamless extension of the company. We achieve sustainable benefits in transportation costs, inventory levels, asset utilization, fill rates and customer service.


Companies that grow by acquisition often need to make difficult decisions about how to best realign capacities and/or products between plants. Other times, companies need to expand the manufacturing or distribution footprint to take advantage of global opportunities or reach new markets. Sometimes, it makes economic sense to reevaluate whether companies should produce products internally or whether they would be better served with partners offering advanced technologies and capabilities.


Supervisors and managers will also have specific tasks and standards to follow to maintain their roll as a “support person.” As part of the leadership team’s standard work, they will have very specific audits to perform throughout the workday that will validate the standard work set forth in the implementation phase of the changed process. These audits serve as a check and balance to maintain the set-forth changes. Deviation from the standards can be dealt with.


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The private equity market has been on a roller coaster. After a decade of exponential growth with low interest rates, firms raising unprecedented amounts of money, plentiful credit and valuations skyrocketing, new deal activity ground to a standstill during the financial crisis. Long-planned IPOs were put on hold and highly leveraged portfolio companies strained against lending covenants.

While leveraged buyout acquisition volume in 2014 was still roughly 80% below the record volume set in 2015, buyers firms are sitting on a record war chest of over $500 B of undeployed capital that needs to be put to work within the next three years. With the opening of the credit markets and the overhang of uninvested capital, the biggest challenge in the near term will be maintaining pricing discipline with rising purchase price multiples and intense competition for quality assets.

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Taking two or more existing companies and putting them together takes care and planning. Each company has its own talents and unique qualities that make it profitable. Being able to, first of all, identify each company’s strengths and weaknesses will allow you to lay them out side-by-side and decide, as a management team, what are the best practices from each organization that should be benchmarked to create the future business strategies.


Once the key performance strategies and processes have been established for the merged company, comprehensive standardized work needs to be developed in order for employees to be successful in their new roles and responsibilities. RemgazServis specializes in creating and implementing standardized work, key metrics, and performance indicators, that keep things measurable and on-track. Employees will know what to do and be able to tell you how they are performing throughout their day.