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Our Work

The oil and gas industry is an ever-evolving industry in the pursuit of technology and services that can optimise production, enhance oil recovery and facilitate efficient infrastructure solutions. Specialised expertise and knowledge are required to support the industry in its endeavours.

Worldwide Experience

Remgazservis has provided consultancy services to the oil and gas industry for four decades. Our project track record stretches across a large number of geographical areas from the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil, over West African waters to the Arabian Gulf, into Russia and even further up north to the hostile environment of the North Sea and to the extreme challenges of the Arctic.

Studies to offshore decommissioning

Our multidisciplinary service portfolio covers the entire asset and project life cycle from early phase studies and detailed design to modifications, lifetime extension projects, complete or partial revamps, tie-ins, maintenance, and process improvements – all tailored to fit each client’s purpose and demands. Our experience with harsh environments has made us well-versed in for instance HP/HT fields, winterization of equipment for arctic areas, as well as corrosion.

Understanding the Global Challenges of the Oil and Gas Industry.

Remgaz Servis has been serving the oil and gas industry for more than 5 years. We are a leading provider of design/build, and construction services throughout the upstream, midstream and downstream supply chains, and we have established long-term relationships with some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. We are experienced in the entire suite of produced (associated) water management options, including injection and disposal wells; off-loading and conveyance facilities; storage systems and impoundments; and treatment including removal of hydrocarbons, solids, soluble organics and/or total dissolved solids to allow for reuse or discharge.

Remgaz Servis is passionate about helping its clients develop and manage their transportation assets and systems to reflect rapidly changing financial and cultural requirements. We provide integrated, whole-of-life solutions that are appropriate to local needs and reflect world best-practice in terms of efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Our portfolio of projects, from road maintenance, engineering and construction to transportation infrastructure, demonstrates the breadth and depth of our global capabilities, while our many award wins point to our proven performance in delivery.


Services List

>Storage, Transmission and Treatment

> Environmental planning, permitting and compliance

>Social impact assessment

> Stakeholder management and engagement

> Ecology and natural resources management

> Civil, geotechnical and energy infrastructure development

> Remediation, due diligence and closure

> Health and safety

> Asset and program management

> Risk management