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About Remgaz Servis

Since our founding in 2013, Remgazservis has been driven by the mission to be a leading global consulting firm dedicated to implementing lasting performance improvements. And with each and every engagement we undertake, we deliver on our promise in 5 distinct ways:.

Our work is centered around the business priorities of the CEO.

We work directly from the strategic and operational objectives of the top management. During our analysis, we look at the entire business and design an implementation plan that will help our clients reach their objectives. The jointly selected projects will define the course of the implementation. We do not engage in quick fixes and only proceed when there are opportunities that will substantially benefit the business of our client. We go beyond writing reports and giving general advice. Rather, we build relationships with our clients’ staff and work across all organizational layers in cross-functional teams, since sustainable improvement depends on cultivating stakeholders who will continue to transform the business long after Remgazservis is gone.


We apply first-hand international experience.

Remgazservis operates worldwide. Our typical consultant has worked in at least 4 different countries, with best-in-class companies,

and speaks 3 languages. This experience enables Argo to help multinational corporations improve their businesses in various international locations with efficient teams of highly knowledgeable and experienced consultants.


We transfer know-how.

We train our client’s staff in our approach.

Methodologies and processes using business simulations and case study exercises.

The staff then can apply the concepts and tools they have learned from real life situations in projects facilitated by Argo consultants. We then act as personal coaches to transition key members of our clients’ team into consulting roles—doing further analysis, facilitating workshops, coordinating improvement initiatives, calculating results and following-up on projects—and complete our engagement when the process is self-sustainable.