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  • Remgaz Servis Consulting is an independent national energy sector advisor

    Our mission is to organize a dialogue between business and Government to create an efficient state energy policy in Russia and suggest companies in making optimal investment decisions. Remgaz Servis Consulting is a brand established in October 2013 by LLC “Remgaz Servis” company. Our team is represented by highly qualified experts with extensive working experience in major Russian and international oil and gas companies, federal executive authorities, research and consulting organizations.


  • Recruitment services -from experts and specialists to middle management professionals- across all sectors of activities

    Over the years, Remgaz Servis has gained an expert understanding of the market and the key players within it, placed thousands of professionals in the largest foreign and Russian companies across all sectors, and built long-term partnerships with its clients and candidates guided by the highest ethical and professional principles.



Remgaz Servis offers consulting services within the Oil & Gas industries, focusing on creating cross border opportunities between companies in the US, Europe and Russia Federation.

We make introductions and facilitate transactions between American and Russian businesses. We know the processes, details and technical issues involved in conducting international business in the oil and gas industry within Russia.


Production Maximisation | Consulting

Over the short term, market volatility is a key influencer of the fortunes of many operating in the upstream, midstream, refining and petrochemical industries. Their ROCE performance, and indeed survival, will be determined by their ability to maximise revenue generation by riding fluctuations in the market.


Business Intelligence Products

The report provides global coverage of contract and spot petroleum prices, supply and demand, spot transactions, shipping fixtures and trends, and monthly fundamentals data for the major petroleum markets. Clients benefit from in-depth features and analysis on key issues affecting the industry in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

In Europe and in rural parts of many countries, LPG, either piped or stored in specialized containers provide an alternative to electricity and heating oil (kerosene). Proven world reserves of LPG stand at 300 trillion cubic meters and little of this has been tapped. At Remgaz Servis, we understand the potential, petroleum trading has to becoming a major source.

Experienced consultants to gas processors and NGL fractionators

Consulting offers independent, high-quality professional advice.

Market analytics, feasibility studies and due diligence support to oil producers.

Quantitative analysis of energ-value chains and inter-fuel competition.
Pricing, tariff-setting, taxation and subsidy reform.
Modelling and forecasting.
Energy- and climate-policy development and reform.
Regulation of natural gas and electricity markets.
Market restructuring and design.
Economic and financial appraisal of energy projects.
Energy-related environmental impact and policy.
We work in all energy sectors, including oil, gas, coal, electricity and emerging renewable technologies.


How may we improve your Profit/Ability?

With Remgaz Servis, you get the experience and expertise you need, from inside industry and private equity. You get the best tools, from Lean Transformation to Strategic Pricing to Product Value Management to Performance and Development and beyond.


Suppliers, the first links in the supply chain, are creating 60% or more of the value of products delivered by most companies.


Companies that grow by acquisition often need to make difficult decisions about how to best realign capacities and/or products between plants. Other times, companies need to expand the manufacturing or distribution footprint to take advantage of global opportunities or reach new markets.


As companies source components from emerging low cost regions, supply chains expand thousands of miles across multiple continents.


Innovation and linking the value of the innovation to the customer success.

We help our clients make critical changes to improve overall marketplace performance –prioritizing the right projects, delivering new products and services to market, increasing speed and efficiency and building the foundation for innovation. Through the use of methodologies such as Value Engineering, Design for Manufacturability, QFD and DMADV, we significantly reduce the cost and time of bringing products to market while improving the odds of adoption. What’s more, our approach is not a onetime fix: we refine the Product Development Process to instill innovation and speed at the core of the organization.



Remgazservis Operational Due Diligence process assists our clients in analyzing the target company operations, its supply chain and distribution channels, and its back office operations. Our industry experience and worldwide presence allow us to help clients quickly develop an accurate assessment of the operational potential. With our detailed, data-driven analysis, we identify and quantify REMGAZSERVIS and working capital improvements.

From “ad hoc” reviews to comprehensive operational due diligence, our operations expertise helps our clients make investment decisions with confidence.



Very often our industry expertise and operational insights provide an edge in auctions. And, as part of the operational due diligence process.



After Due Diligence takes place and the decision is made to proceed, we then draft a comprehensive portfolio detailing the two merged companies.



In some cases there may be very little that looks different after the merger, but behind the scenes there is a large integration of systems, people and process, that will enhance and improve your appearance.


How much more are customers willing to pay for a product or service without sacrificing profitability? Raising prices would be a quick way to higher revenues and profits – if it worked that simply. The challenge is identifying opportunities that are attainable in the market and designing tactical approaches to capture them. In Remgaz Servis's view, pricing strategy is not just about raising prices. Rather, it is about understanding the true value of products and services and creating the conditions for long-term profitable growth by product, market segment, distribution channel, customer and country. We quantify the value our clients create for customers and teach them how to deflect purchasing strategies that try to commoditize their products.